Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Transportation and Hostels:


While we are in London we will be lucky enough to stay with my family. However none of them live right in Downtown London. So I have researched different methods for transportation in and out of the city:

-       Underground (official name) / Tube (nickname) - we know it as the Subway

-       British Rail - Regular trains to and from London from all over England

-       London Transport (Double Decker red famous buses)


In case we do want to venture out and stay in Hostels in London, here is my Top 5 List:


1.     Dover Castle Hostel and Bar - This is in the south part of London. North and South London are split using the Thames River.

2.     Astor Hyde Park - This one is close to Harrods and other fine shops so maybe!!!! 

3.     Smart Hyde Park View - Also close to shopping but on the north side of Hyde Park

4.     Clink Hostel - Close to the British Museum

5.     UMI London (Private Room)


My fellow travelers have told me that whilst traveling it is great to get a Private Room after visiting two different countries, as it is nice to have to only share your space with one other person, your friend. 

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