Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Equipment: “Backpacks”

Today I am taking a step back from planning my travels and focusing on the “Backpack” I am going to be living out of for 2 months. A girl who goes from having a huge closet MUST resort to “Backpack” so it has to be a fashionably one. I have heard that Mountain Equipment Co-op has excellent packs for travelers. After researching on their website I have learned that I am interested in Expedition Packs (75-100L) as they are “ideal for extended backcountry travel and full expeditions”. As for a Daypack I have chosen to go with the (MEC Pika Plus Daypack) costing $12.00.

FUN FACT: Backpack Fitting

Did you know the pack size depends on your back length, NOT your overall size!

Useful tips for traveling from Mountain Equipment Co-op

  1. Create two copies of everything: (ID, Credit Cards, Insurance, Travelers Checks, Plane Tickets)
  3. Buy a lock for hostel use
For the last couple months I have been working and saving my money, but what about that extra change that lies around your house or in your wallet? Well why not buy an ELECTRONIC CHANGE COUNTER that keeps count of your change. I bought mine from Home Outfitters.  


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  1. 75-100 litres?! That's huge! A guy that works with my mom went for a little over a month and only had a 40L bag. He said he packed very lightly (obviously), which I am hoping to do as well. I actually might borrow his bag because of how stylish it is ;)

    My three friends and I had our first meeting last night to map out our route - we've circled close to 20 cities we want to visit so no doubt we'll have to cut that list down.

    Thanks for the advice on the bag, especially the day bag for $12, looks perfect.

    Keep up the sweet posts.

  2. Well ya need a swiss army knife, hopefully with a bottle opener cause the wine in Europe is excellent and cheap. Then ya need a towel ( see hitchhikers guide to galaxy ) other than that have fun.