Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ireland Hostels

Hopefully while were in Ireland we might be able to stay with my roommates family and save a buck or two, but if not I have looked into some great hostels to spend our nights.

The RailEurope and Hostelworld sites offer great hostels. Some great features are:
  • You are able to select a Canadian Currency
  • Consumer Comments
  • Ratings: for the hostels. My roommate and I have chosen to pick hostels that rate higher then 80%
  • Breakfast included: IS A MUST
  • Budget: $20.00 a night 

Top 5 Hostels in Dublin:

All these Hotels that I have chosen are a short walk to the main hot spot “Temple Bar”. They either have shared or private rooms available.

  1. Barnacles Temple Bar House Hostel
  2. Avalon House
  3. Ablgails Hostel
  4. Four Court Hostel
  5. Litton Lane Hostel

If you have stayed in any hostels around Dublin, please share your feedback. 

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