Wednesday, October 14, 2009

London Attractions

Even though I have visited most of these fabulous attractions, I am excited to see them again.

I would love to visit some of the Museums, such as the British Museum while touring England.


1.     The London Eye: It is a huge ferries wheel that looks over many famous landmarks in London. Price: 17.50 pounds 

2.     Buckingham Palace: I have seen the outside but would love to tour the 17 state rooms within the palace.

3.     London’s Big Ben: One of London’s famous landmarks. For more information visit here 

4.     Trafalgar Square: I remember visiting Trafalgar Square when I was younger and feeding the huge amount of pidgeons.

There is many sights to see while touring London and seeing the “Shops” is definitely one of them. However visiting the huge department stores on Oxford Street will not be an option for me this trip. Instead I have visited the street markets before and that’s where I have found my great buys in London.

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