Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top 4 Hostels:

I'm going to have to dig deep into my pocket to afford a room in Zermatt, Switzerland. I can tell you now this stay won't be long. All these hostels are ridiculously expensive and only a couple of them have an 80% or above rating. 

1. Zermatt Youth Hostel: I didn't want to buy the place only wanted a room for a night or two.
2. Hotel Alfa Zermatt: This one is going to break the bank. 
3. Matterhorn Hostel
4. Hotel Bahnhof: "This hotel has a loft with 17 dorm beds for 30 CHF (swiss franc) each. The accommodation is spartan and a little expensive for what you get, even in Switzerland, but if the Matterhorn Hostel is full and you don't want to pay 56 CHF a night then this is a reasonable option."   

Information founded at Hostelz

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