Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top 4 Attractions in Zermatt, Switzerland

This Beautiful little town Zermatt, is where I might be visiting. It is "on the italian border of the canton (country or area) of Valais in the west of Switzerland."

1. Glacier Palace 
  “Discover mystical, icy worlds in the highest glacier palace in the world. You arrive at the glacier palace 
with one of the 2 lifts directly from the Matterhorn glacier paradise station. You then walk into the palace through an ice tunnel that is almost fifteen metres below the surface of the glacier. Adventurers and daredevils can return by walking through a glacier crevasse. Discreet lighting and
 ethereal sounds accompany you through a minor wonder of the world of glaciers. Information about the creation of the glacier palace, glaciology and impressive statues sculpted from ice round off an experience of a very special kind. The sculptures are regularly renewed.”

2. Igloo 
“Zermatt lies at the base of the Matterhorn in the Valais Alps of southern Switzerland, at 1600m above sea level. To reach Zermatt, travel through the Visp Valley all the way to the end, where Zermatt is located. Park your car in Täsch and come to Zermatt by train or taxi. From the car-free town, in which carriages and electromobiles are the main modes of transport, take the Gornergrat railway towards the highest Igloo Village. The magnificent alpine panorama offers the perfect ambience for the perfect igloo experience!”

I believe its way to expensive to sleep in the cold since its close to $200 canadian a night in a regular room (but I might visit the bar and indulge in the igloo cheese fondue during the day). 

3. Dirt Scooter 
“The ultimate challenge for the adventurous: Travel up to the Schwarzsee paradise as often as you like in the cable car, and race back down into the valley with the dirt scooter (downhill trottinett/scooter).”

4. Cinema 
“Zermatt has only one cinema, but what a cinema! The
"Vernissage" is a masterpiece of the Zermatt artist Heinz Julen. Inside the multi-function area in the typical Heinz Julen design with its movable chandeliers.”

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