Sunday, November 22, 2009

Out with the Old and In with the NEW

The three-part mini-series THE END deals with Radio, Television, and Print mediums. Host Jian Ghomeshi continually makes reference to the idea that “conventional” and “traditional” mediums will come to an end making way for new technologies to appear.

What does the audience want?

Young adults today prefer to use technologies that are FREE and easily accessible. We see this with how young adults gain information from other sources like the Internet instead of print sources like a newspaper or magazines. Personally, being a student and having a student budget I can no longer buy magazines such as People and US weekly so I  turn to blogs like Perez Hilton that offer similar content.

How do we gain Freedom and Choice?

The “traditional” medium has faded because the audience has chosen to watch, listen and read what they want and how they want. Pod casts for example are personal mediums for viewers as they have the power of ON DEMAND controls. This is the same for television and PVR’s (personal video recorder) as having the ability to record a show and watch it back skipping all the commercials. 

Although I do find that the Internet is the number ONE online medium, I personally will not give up “traditional” mediums. I think the real question is how much we use these “traditional” sources? 

  • I only listen to the radio while driving as it continually offers me new songs to listen to and I am a captive audience. 
  • Being up at school it is extremely difficult to watch a television program on my computer as my Internet signal is not that strong. I love to watch television the conventional way, although I have adapted to the PVR. 
  • As for print mediums, I enjoy to read a book instead of on a screen for certain texts such as pleasure or school reading. Yes I still print out everything to then read the conventional way perhaps our generation is still betwixt and between “traditional” and “new” mediums of communication. 

If you would like to watch THE END click here


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