Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Planner or Free spirited that is the question?

The question lies between if I am a planner or am I a more free spirited person? Well the fact that this blog is dedicated to planning out my European excursion it is easy to see that I am definitely a planner. I believe my roommate and I will have a pretty detailed plan of our whole trip to begin with, but who’s to say once we are out there things won’t change? One possibility is we might meet other backpackers who we wish to travel with for an extended period of time. But I believe having somewhat of a plan of where we might go and what we might want to see is very important.

Looking into the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) which is obtainable to those part-time students like myself provides discounts not only in Canada but it can also be used in over 100 different countries with 21,000 discounts provided. For the low price of only $17.50 this card will be an asset on my European travels. To gain more important about the (IYTC) please Click Here. 

Or to gain information about where you can use you’re (IYTC) to be discounted Click Here.

As of right now I plan on traveling to many different countries over a period of 2 months or more. I have heard and read that the train is an exciting way to travel throughout Europe. With that said after researching what rail pass I should go with I have decided to purchase the Eurail Global Pass which is an unlimited travel pass that can visit up to 21 different countries WOW!!!!. The “Youth Flexi” pass is for young travelers like myself. I have chosen to go with a pass that allows me too use the Euro Rail for 15 days in a 2 month time period, costing me $831.00 a bit expensive, but well worth it. To visit the Rail Europe website for more information Click Here.



  1. How exciting! When is your trip to Europe set for, and how long will you be there? I'm definitely a planner as well. If I'm going to spend all that money and travel somewhere far, I'm GOING to plan and I'm GOING to make my money and time worth it.

  2. Hey Becky

    I know I am super excited about my trip. I am leaving some time in May and staying for two months :) Check back on my Blog to see all the different places I am going to visit.